One Bottle One Dream Teams Up With Single Stream Processors To Raise Awareness – Lecanto , FL

Jack Visits the Recycling Center!

Jack had a  front row seat today as Erin Ray and Sue Haganey lead the tour at  Single Stream Processors in Lecanto Florida.  Single stream recycling allows you to put all recyclable products into one disposal bin so cans and bottles can be recycled together with newspaper, cardboard, etc. This makes recycling easy.

The highlight of the tour was their exciting on-site learning center for kids and families.  Hands-on activities help kids make an important connection with recycling.  They also want kids to take the recycling vow and purchased “When Will We Be Recycled, Momma?”  to gift to students visiting their facility and during educational school visits.

William Ray says, “Total Recycling” is a big vision.  This means recycling 100 percent of our waste and not wasting anything.  Check out the Ray’s website for more information at 

If you are interested in gifting a child with a recycling book in their hand and a passion for a greener tomorrow in their heart, log onto and gift books to friends and your local schools to save our planet, one bottle one dream at a time.

Raising Awareness One Bottle One Dream at a Time

Fox News followed One Bottle One Dream to the YMCA Give Camp last week as campers vowed to recycle plastic water bottles.  Check out the story on the news link below.

One Bottle One Dream & YMCA Give Camp

What a terrific day! The YMCA held another GIVE Camp and One Bottle One Dream was invited. Campers took the recycling vow and talked about how getting involved can make a positive change in their community. The Campers all received books and that makes 252 campers to date that have vowed to keep Jack’s dream alive! Thank you to Sarah Morris for her continued passion in helping to raise awareness! Thank you to Fox News and Sustany for coming out and showing your support!

Nathan Whitaker And One Bottle One Dream!

I am a testament to Nathan Whitaker still being an approachable, down to earth all around nice guy even after being named one of the best selling authors. I have been following my passion to get kids into the habit of recycling early in life and wrote a children’s book called, “When Will We Be Recycled, Momma?” I asked Nathan to read my book and allow me to quote him on my website to help raise awareness and he had this to say, ” A fun book with an important message for us all.” Nathan’s comment and willingness to help me made my heart leap with joy. He is truly an inspiration for all writers who search for meaningful content and want to make a difference through their writings. A big heart felt thank you to Nathan Whitaker. You’re awesome!

One Bottle One Dream & YMCA Summer Camp

Tampa – Wednesday July 7th – This summer, The Bob Sierra YMCA, as part of their summer camp program, is offering G.I.V.E Camp. G.I.V.E. stands for Get Involved Value Everyone. Children are taught that one person can make a difference when it comes to sustainability and community service. As an example local author Stephanie Armenia was on site to introduce her ‘One Bottle One Dream’ Recycling Project Armenia says her goal is to ensure each child understands that their environmental choices matter and have a direct impact on our earth. While reading her book, “When Will We Be Recycled, Momma?” campers take a recycling vow, empowering them with the appropriate knowledge and action skills they need to keep plastic water bottles out of our landfills. Each camper was gifted a book as part of the G.I.V.E Camp.
The goal of this camp is to also teach children the value of helping others and changing the community in a positive way. Partnering with The Sustany Foundation G.I.V.E Camp has dissected sharks, visited Davis Island Sea Plane Basin for a clean up project, created recycled art projects and toured an organic farm.
A second G.I.V.E. camp for ages 9-12 is scheduled for August 8-12. For more information contact Sarah Morris, YMCA Childcare and Camp Director at or call 813 629-9404.