One Bottle One Dream Hillsborough County Launch

The One Bottle One Dream district kickoff party was held at McKitrick Elementary on November 7th 2011.  The amazing PTA board members purchased a class set of books, “When Will We Be Recycled, Momma?” for all 3rd and 4th grade teachers!  You can watch the video highlights here

 Joining One Bottle One Dream was Worm’s Way, a local organic gardening supply store, who donated composting kits and will provide a matching program for schools to complete their gardening and science projects.

Stephanie Armenia’s goal, through sponsorship, is to gift teachers a class set of books with a Curriculum Activity Guide that corresponds  to the Sunshine State Standards. Teachers then temporarily gift one book per student to use throughout the year, creating ownership and driving home the important message that their choices matter. Students are then allowed to take the book home and share the story with family members to promote a green household. Books need to be returned to school and will be regifted to students next year to keep this important conversation alive between teachers, students, and parents.

If you are interested in helping this project grow, please log onto and gift books to your local school or camp.

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