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100 Hillsborough County Schools Have Been Sponsored By Tampa Bay Community Donors To Receive A Recycling “School Bundle!”

Tampa, Florida, February 20, 2014, One Bottle One Dream founders Stephanie Armenia and Juju Armenia are hosting their 2nd annual Community Giveback for Environmental Education called the “School Bundle Project” to be held at the Glazer Children’s Museum on March 22, 2014 from 10:30-11:30.

144 Hillsborough County Public Elementary Schools are invited to send one school representative, one ambassador student, and their parent to pick up a “School Bundle” consisting of 3 storybooks called, “When Will We Be Recycled, Momma?’ and one 70 page PDF Teacher Activity Guide aligned to the Common Core and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

School Bundles are used as a public benefit and Environmental Outreach to educate kids about character, sustainability, and reducing waste in preschool -3rd grade.   Ambassador students will take a recycling vow, enjoy VIP activities, and take- away donations from Chick-Fil-A, PDQ, Yogurt Mountain, and Pizza Fusion.  Other sponsors include Going Green Tampa, Mekenita Mexican Grille,  Green Parent, Full Sail University, Lexus of Tampa Bay, St. Joseph’s Hospital North, Wiretree, TLC Pediatric Dentistry, and Goodnight Orthodontist.

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Nathan Whitaker And One Bottle One Dream!

I am a testament to Nathan Whitaker still being an approachable, down to earth all around nice guy even after being named one of the best selling authors. I have been following my passion to get kids into the habit of recycling early in life and wrote a children’s book called, “When Will We Be Recycled, Momma?” I asked Nathan to read my book and allow me to quote him on my website to help raise awareness and he had this to say, ” A fun book with an important message for us all.” Nathan’s comment and willingness to help me made my heart leap with joy. He is truly an inspiration for all writers who search for meaningful content and want to make a difference through their writings. A big heart felt thank you to Nathan Whitaker. You’re awesome!