School Bundle Project – Tampa’s Ambassador Students Vow To Save Jack!

One Bottle One Dream had a blast at the Glazer Children’s Museum while gifting Hillsborough County Schools with a School Bundle to promote Early Environmental Education. In attendance were teachers, principals, parents, Commissioner Sandra Murman, Barbara Hancock, and Principal Allison Cline who supported our Ambassador Students for “Doing Their Part” to recycle all Jacks. Teacher Susan Reiss, who originally fueled Juju’s idea with a take home assignment about recycling, spoke about her waste free classroom and starting a Green Team. Commissioner Sandra Murman presented One Bottle One Dream a “You Make The Difference” award for the School Bundle Project and encouraged students to dream big!

We are hoping to receive our 501c3 status by September 2014 to fuel our efforts and continue to gift schools across the United States a “School Bundle!” Log onto to gift a “School Bundle” and save a Jack!

100 Hillsborough County Schools Have Been Sponsored By Tampa Bay Community Donors To Receive A Recycling “School Bundle!”

Tampa, Florida, February 20, 2014, One Bottle One Dream founders Stephanie Armenia and Juju Armenia are hosting their 2nd annual Community Giveback for Environmental Education called the “School Bundle Project” to be held at the Glazer Children’s Museum on March 22, 2014 from 10:30-11:30.

144 Hillsborough County Public Elementary Schools are invited to send one school representative, one ambassador student, and their parent to pick up a “School Bundle” consisting of 3 storybooks called, “When Will We Be Recycled, Momma?’ and one 70 page PDF Teacher Activity Guide aligned to the Common Core and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

School Bundles are used as a public benefit and Environmental Outreach to educate kids about character, sustainability, and reducing waste in preschool -3rd grade.   Ambassador students will take a recycling vow, enjoy VIP activities, and take- away donations from Chick-Fil-A, PDQ, Yogurt Mountain, and Pizza Fusion.  Other sponsors include Going Green Tampa, Mekenita Mexican Grille,  Green Parent, Full Sail University, Lexus of Tampa Bay, St. Joseph’s Hospital North, Wiretree, TLC Pediatric Dentistry, and Goodnight Orthodontist.

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One Bottle Visits Loggerhead Turtle Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium held it’s annual Earth Day event and One Bottle One Dream was invited to read and have kids take the recycling vow.  While we were there we had the privlige of meeting Arnold, the loggerhead sea turtle who got tangled up in plastic waste and had to have his front flippers amputated.  His story is an ugly truth, but his message is beautiful and important…RECYCLE YOUR WASTE!  Check out this link of Arnold.


Carrollwood Day School Takes The One Bottle One Dream Recycling Vow!

Earth Pendents

CDS Vows To Be Green! check out the NBC News Link
One Bottle One Dream was founded to inspire kids to initiate positive change in their schools, communities, and the environment. Finding schools like Carrollwood Day, that empower educators like Trudi Buscemi and Sabrina McCartney to think outside the box when it comes to environmental education, pushes our new generation of little green leaders to realize their choice can make a difference.

Walking onto the CDS Campus is an experience like no other. Students are engaged, knowledgable about the activities planned for the day, and beaming with ideas that are not only heard but also encouraged. Staff members are overly kind and generous with their time  to both students and guests. Children want to know where they fit in and are eager to learn new green habits. They naturally want to do their part. That is why our project is a perfect fit for schools.
CDS purchased a class set of books and Activity Guide for each of their second grade teachers knowing their kids will be inspired in ways we can’t even predict. That’s exciting!

I read, “When Will We Be Recycled, Momma?” in the media center and then headed outside for two hands-on activities from our Guide. Students composted with Red Wiggler Worms and created Earth Pendents from recycled transparencies.

News Channel 8 Today and The Tampa Tribune came out to capture the event and show their support for a project that is quickly making an impact. To learn more about how you can help put a book in the hand of a child and a passion for a greener tomorrow in their hearts, log onto

Inverness Christian Academy Takes the Recycling Vow!

Students at Inverness Christian Academy were gifted our, “When Will We Be Recycled, Momma?” recycling book and curriculum by F.D.S disposal inc. and Single Stream Processor inc. located in Lecant Fl. The Center teaches children and adults of all ages the importance of REDUCING, REUSING, AND RECYCLING.  As schools visit the center for field trips a book was gifted as a way of thanking children for doing their part to keep our planet clean and always recycling their JACK’S!  Thank you Erin Ray for your dedication and passion!